A Messy Relationship Leads to a Struggle for Friendship

Let me preface this by saying I have only had four major relationships in my life, and none have ended well. I’m not against relationships, but I’m a firm believer in putting your friends first instead of your significant other.

Picture this: it’s a nice autumn day and you and your friends decide to go some place to hang out. Well, that’s what happened to me. Sounds fun? It was. At first. Then my best friends, who happen to be dating, start going off and doing stuff without me and the other guy there, let’s call him Jason. Well, Jason is awkward and as I have come to find out, is somewhat misogynistic. You would imagine my surprise when my two best friends completely ditched me for awkward guy over here. He isn’t terrible, and I was able to make conversation with him, but I was still pissed. I mean, I had paid for these two to get in and then they don’t even spend time with me. Then when we leaved I was kicked out of my friends car and shoved into a car with the awkward guy so those two could go to dinner together. So not only was my fun evening made awkward, but now they were completely and utterly abandoning me without a care as to how anyone else there was feeling. I’m sure Jason didn’t want to spend his day like this either, and he especially wasn’t prepared to take an angry me home.

Of course, I was mad so my recounting may sound dramatic or over the top. It definitely is, but this is only to ensure that my point gets across. That point being, don’t forget your friends. Especially in a relationship. This wasn’t the first incident of abandonment or ‘cruelty’ per say due to a relationship and it wont be the last for sure. Your friends will be there if you break up, or get in fights, whereas your significant other wont be. However if you treat them badly, there is a good chance that neither of them will be there for you. It can be easily mended of course, just consider the people around you and the situation as a whole before deciding to go off and make out with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Being a friend is always more valuable than being a boyfriend or girlfriend, in and out of a relationship. Especially in a group setting when more peoples emotions and feelings come into play rather than when it is just the two of you alone.

In the end it is your relationship, and I’m not here to tell you any different, but maybe, just maybe, consider the consequences.


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