Three Short Poems: October 25


A decision made

In stone cold silence we wait

One final turning

A brutal silence hangs heavy

The hurt was too much for me



A mansion gleaming

Somber scene, a dark dressed crowd

Glancing side to side

What once was is now all mine

Departed, no more than land




Her voice I still heard

A faint whisper in the walls

Around the corner

A party, large, jovial

Looming, for me, “Welcome Home”



I tried to make these poems fit together, all around a common theme… I really enjoyed writing these and I would like to try more things like this. It was certainly interesting trying to tie all three of these together in chronological order, but I’m rather proud of how it worked out.

I also enjoyed the story I made with these and I would like to try and include more to these, I’m going to call them the Estate Series, and tag them as such so hopefully they will be easier to find and read:)



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