Insanity: Dystopian Snapshot

This can only be insanity. There is no other way to explain this crazy half-assed plan. Of course, Odd came up with it, but Even wasn’t here to detest it, and I was too stressed to come up with any better ideas. Odd at least knew the area better than I did. I surveyed my group, black as night, before we took off. Odd, Kali, Gerad, Lily, Koi. Okay. That’s it. We have everyone. We need to wait for the flare, and then we can jump to the next landing and start running. We all know the plan, the job is just to go for it and hope for the best. I have to make it all the way down the hall, and with the help of Koi, and possibly Kali depending on how long her job takes, is to take out all of the body guards that would get in Odd’s way. There was a bright flash in the light, we could see it clearly from our rooftop vantage point.

I get a running start, and then leap off the roof, bending my knees and preparing for landing on the fire escape. It was an old brick building, maybe from as early as 2000, I didn’t know any buildings could survive this long, but it wasn’t on any updated gps, so it was the perfect location for a hideout of this caliber. The metal clangs as I land, and I run in through the window while its open, and more pairs of feet hit the escape behind me. I pull my arm around the first guys neck before he can even turn around. I push the pressure point hard enough on his neck to where he blacks out, and pull all of the guns from his body, taking the ammo out and putting it in the pockets at my side. Our goal was to disarm, not to harm. The guy who stands a good twenty meters in front of him finally turns around as Koi tackles him to the ground. Koi in a tangle of limbs, tosses the guns to me, and tries to gag the guard. Then he’s knocked out, and we are free to move down the hall. I know Koi loves this. He hasn’t had a real thrilling mission in quite some time. This was his first big push back into the real world. I put the ammo in my belt, having unloaded the guns while we were walking, and shoved the cases into my pouch. Koi took out the first guard down the next hall, and I moved for the second, who had already cocked his gun in suspicion. I doubt he thought he would ever have to use the gun. He looked like a lost child, completely dumbfounded. I gave a sharp kick to his gut, and reached for his arm, twisting it until he dropped the gun. It hit the floor with a loud clang, causing it to go off. Well crap. A bullet shot the door handle off. Great. So now we were going to have to spend some extra minutes trying to unlock the door from the opposite side in order to get into the next hallway. I heard a metal panel drop, and knew either Kali was closer than we thought possible, or Odd had broken into the first mainframe. I hope the latter.

I pinned the guy to the ground, and smiled sweetly before knocking him out of consciousness. Koi nodded to me, as he stood up over his guard, he tossed me the ammo from his two guns, and I quickly undid guns from my guy. The ammo was tucked tightly in my pouch before we began trying to undo the lock on the next door. Odd was worried about this. This is the one door that blocked the hallway, after this we were clear and our job was done. Dammit if he didn’t predict this exact thing would happen. Koi pushed me back just hard enough to cause me to move, and kicked the door in causing it to clatter to the floor.

“We gotta run.” He warned before sprinting through the door and tackling the first guard. I take his lead and kick the gun out of the second guys hand before punching him in the jaw, causing blood to spit out of his mouth. I kick his gun over to Koi who takes it apart no problem, then he tosses both sets of ammo to me, and runs ahead to check for more guards. Just as we suspected, they had a weak night patrol. Perfect. That would make our job easier. I placed a hand to my ear.

“This is Jez, we are all finished here, mission is go. I repeat: Mission is go.” I say into the speaker, and with another metal pang, Kali drops out of the air vent above, several wires following. She smiles, and pulls out her pocket knife, fraying the ends of the wire endlessly.

“Nice job. You and Koi get more done than I would think. You really compliment each other. Now let’s move so we can set it up for Odd. He is on section two. The first section was way too easy. Second section has more firewalls but he can knock it out all the same. Let’s move and prop the second grate for him. Maybe we can see your boyfriend along the way.”

“Maybe we can see yours.” I retort.

“Touche.” She says, before she moves to jog after Koi. I, in turn, went after them. We were on the main grounds now. There were a few guards, but we were prepared for this too. Kali and I dashed in the girls bathroom, and Koi, after getting a signal from Kali that it was empty, followed in after us. We began to change into more professional clothes, and there were briefcases from when Maroon snuck her way in earlier. She was still here, just in the main conference area, doing whatever she has to do in order to distract Wok. As long as she distract him…

I walk out in the hall first, giving the guard a flirty wink. I continue to do that with every guard I don’t know, until I come upon one that I do. Even stands rigid in a blue suit and golden shoulder pads. His hat is pinned to one of the shoulderpads, another key thing to help us tell them apart. Now to run through the script.

“Hello sir, this may not be a request you get often, but could you please walk me back to my office? I’m scared to walk alone in the dark. Normally I’m not out this late, and I have a big fear of the dark. Would it be okay to ask you to help me?” I ask, and I can see the smile in his eyes. He hates this script. Odd wrote it of course.

“Sure ma’am, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to leave my post for one moment. What office is yours?” He asked, and I pulled out the fake key card Anthony had created today. Even nodded, and looked up into my eyes, nodding once more. I smile kindly, and wait for him to start walking before I follow. Nobody seems to notice or care that he is now walking away from his post. We pass the main hall, and go down the first branch. I put a finger to my ear again.

“This is Jez. J phase two has been completed. Even is in sight. I repeat J phase two has been completed, E is in sight. We can move on to phase three. Enter Kali.” I say, as we bust through the door and into the main corridor, breaking into a run. The plan was half way through, and there were barely any ways we could screw up from here. Odd might actually deserve a pat on the back for this. However he may have to be murdered for making me run in heels. Kali breaks in over the short bursts of static from my earpiece.

“Madden is in sight, making my way now.” I can hear the rehearsed lines leave her lips as Madden makes his exit swiftly. Even and I make it to the stairwell where the open air vent is waiting for us. I leave my enormous heels under the stairs, and clamber in, Even comes after me, closing the grate back. Madden and Kali would use the one on the second floor. Then, over the static, gunshots.

“Damnit Kali! Did you want to deafen us? Run! Take Madden with you!” Even yells and pushes the back of my thigh to move me farther. We needed to get farther from the entrance and wait this out. Koi needed to check in.

“He’s the idiot that fired his warning shot too early! He was supposed to let me come on the air first. We are nearing grate 2. Koi any word?” We near a bend in the vent and Even pushes me behind him, shielding me with his body. I can see the entrance from here perfectly, they just can’t see us. That is the point. I can see the exact moment Kali’s heels and Madden’s dress shoes clamber up the stairs. A couple more gunshots, but no screams. “Koi we need you to respond, two enemy lives lost. Invasive casualty. It was impossible to evade. Stop touching that Madden.”

Even laughs, and then holds his breath as the static peters out. Koi hadn’t been on in over five minutes. We had trouble.





So I wrote this a few years ago, but I found it recently and wanted to share this story idea that I had. I really enjoy the characters and I am really glad I found this! Enjoy!


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